Gerry’s Story – Trevanion House

Last year we met with the lovely Green Foundation team at the Eden Project and they told us about Gerry – a local hotelier with a keen eye for doing the small things.  He turned out to be a man of many talents, here’s his story:

Gerry runs Trevanion house,  a lovely old building with tonnes of character. As well as providing holidays for adults with learning disabilities, Trevanion also hosts a ghost called George!



The interview started with a bang… or should we say a splash… not George the ghost, but Francesca throwing her tea across the living room. The reason for this? The mention of young men in the forces might have got her a little flustered! Gerry talks fondly of his time as a Sergeant major. Working in the cavalry regiment, he has some interesting tales to tell – stories of men scaling the walls of a building for fun, or riding horses up the staircase!

Gerry in the army rugby team

After the initial excitement (and a quick clean up!) we sat and listened as Gerry talks of some of the small changes he has made to his business to become greener. Gerry talks about these changes in a genuine and practical way. It is lovely to hear how these simple steps have made a difference and see how positive they have been for both him and the other staff.

We really enjoyed our visit to Trevanion, in fact we wouldn’t mind a holiday here ourselves!

Thank you Gerry.


Heather’s Story- our time on the farm

When we set out to collect peoples stories thinking about climate change, we always knew we wanted to speak to people who were out in the elements in their day to day job. So who better than a farmer?

Meet Heather, a livestock farmer in Cornwall. Heather’s kept a daily diary, complete with weather report, since she was 21- very impressive! Over the last two decades she’s noticed some changes and wonders what might happen in the future. So here’s Heather’s story-

We visited Heather a few times in August last year. Strictly speaking, we visited a few more times than necessary, but we just couldn’t pass her farm without popping in. Especially as within seconds of walking into the kitchen, the hot water was on the Aga for the tea, and the tupperware box of goodies was produced from the pantry. On our first visit, Francesca got to sample her first saffron bun – it didn’t disappoint!

Heather’s kitchen is a typical farmers kitchen; paperwork piled up in the corner, numerous mugs across the table, dogs rushing around your feet, and a selection of very comfy mismatched chairs.

After sharing her story, Heathers took us off across the fields in her camouflage buggy looking for a new born calf, very exciting! As we drove around the fields lots of inquisitive faces peered into the buggy looking for food. In this situation you realize just how big beef can get!

Heather talks fondly of her herd – as if they are her friends and we sit back to enjoy the ride.
We had a lovely time getting to know Heather. An endless supply of tea and cake, and some lovely old photographs.

Off to school

Looking at this one Heather hasn’t changed much, especially when she blushes as we flick through.

Thank you Heather!

‘Conscious Vibes’ and a tour around Peckham

Since this rap has been going around our heads for the past week we thought we’d feature it on here for others to enjoy!

So, introducing ‘Conscious Vibes,’ a word artist from Peckham.

‘Conscious Vibes’ lived up to his name! Walking around Peckham Conscious taught us a thing or two about being more observant of our surroundings! By the end of our visit we had countless photographs of coloured brick walls and planes flying over Peckham!

Brick walls and planes!

Conscious was good fun to work with and knows how to work the camera!

Strike a pose!

It was great to have a tour of Peckham from someone who knows it like the back of his hand. As we walked around Peckham we learnt more and more about Conscious – he shared his memories of places around Peckham, and turned out to be quite the acrobat!


To hear more from Conscious tune into Revolution on Reprezent 107.3FM every Monday evening.

Conscious outside Reprezent

Meeting Mary- Incredible Edible Todmorden

In summer last year we embarked on the long train journey from Falmouth to Todmorden… three trains and nine hours later, we arrive. We were there to visit Incredible Edible and listen to their story of community growing. To our luck the sun was shining, and we made our way over to Mary’s house to be greeted with a warm smile and a mug of tea.


Instantly, Mary captured us. She shares the story of Incredible Edible with such passion, kindness and determination. No question was a silly question, and she kindly invited us back the next morning to talk some more. Here’s her story… .

As well as telling us her story, Mary introduced us to her fellow Incredible Edible friend Estelle who was happy to show us around. Not your typical tour mind, we were off to see the sights in carparks, bus stops, derelict buildings…and we were strangely excited. It was great fun, and Estelle was a brilliant guide, we were even allowed to sample some of the food. A definite highlight was visiting the Police Station’s veg beds.

Estelle and local bobby swap hats!

After walking our socks off, we arrived back at Marys for a reboot with a cuppa and a warm bowl of soup. We didn’t stop for long though, Mary had arranged for us to visit the local school where they were growing veg and fruit in disused boats in their playground. Pretty cool!

So off we went to meet some of the schools most avid growers. We have to say their  enthusiasm was contagious, potatoes have never been picked so fast! They knew their stuff, and tricked Sarah to eat a mustard leaf… “it’s not bad… oh wait… erg!” followed by a raucous of children’s laughter!

proud potato pickers

The next day, brought another adventure. This time we went to meet Incredible Edible’s allotment gardener Nick and his partner Meg the dog – a welcoming team. Nick treated us to a guided tour, with a lesson in grafting. While Meg was more keen to show us Nick’s weed stew, a nutrient rich concoction that emitted a powerful rotten stench. We were careful not to get too close, Meg on the other hand couldn’t get enough.

mmm weed stew!

As our visit drew to a close, Mary took us to visit the only place we were yet to see, the grounds of the local church. Francesca was an enthusiastic sampler, luckily Sarah had a camera at hand for this one!

It was a fantastic trip, and a great way to start off our journey collecting people’s stories thinking about climate change. Incredible Edible’s kind and determined approach to local community growing can’t help but capture and inspire. Mary talks about climate change in an honest and relatable way, it was a pleasure to listen to her story.

For more information on Incredible Edible Todmorden, visit their website here –