A smile on a stick! Our dabble with solar power…

We met Bab’s on a calm sunny day in the wilds of West Penwith in Cornwall. Bab’s smile could be spotted from the end of the street- signaling that we had arrived (without getting lost for a change!).

A solar powered radio was playing from the rooftop. Apparently this worked beautifully in Senegal… it wasn’t fairing so well in Cornwall however, cutting out every now and then, even on this sunny day!



Like a lot of people we were thoroughly confused by solar power. My Dad had told me that you’d need to have solar power for 10 years to make it financially worth it. So it was good to learn about solar power from someone in the know and dispel some confusions. Here is Bab’s story-

Bab’s knew about solar power like my nephew knows about superman- very well and with enthusiasm! It was good to understand how solar works and learn about who can have it (not every roof is suitable).

For Bab’s installing solar power is not just about climate change (he laughs, “you cant save the world by just doing solar!”) it’s a rewarding way of “doing his bit”. This is a view that a lot of people we have spoken to this year share… no matter how big or small… they’re just doing what they can. It strikes us that this is a much nicer way to think about climate change than feeling guilty about the things we’re not doing!

Thank you Babs!


Want to write a rap…. about climate change?

Climate change is such a confusing and big subject that if we do talk about it it’s usually doom and gloom- icebergs melting, polar bears dying and negative messages. So we set out to question what climate change mean to us in the UK through capturing people’s stories.

As we’d already decided, climate change needs it’s image lifting! So we met with Jason, a rapper in Wales who goes by the name of Dregz.

So what’s your story? It’s a hard question. Jason’s thoughts on climate change were similar to a lot of people- we’re not used to thinking about climate change in relation to our everyday lives.

After chatting it through, Jason decided that his story of climate change was about his children and their future. For his it was a justice issue. So here’s his rap ‘Views from a Family Man’

Thank you Dregz.

Gerry’s Story – Trevanion House

Last year we met with the lovely Green Foundation team at the Eden Project and they told us about Gerry – a local hotelier with a keen eye for doing the small things.  He turned out to be a man of many talents, here’s his story:

Gerry runs Trevanion house,  a lovely old building with tonnes of character. As well as providing holidays for adults with learning disabilities, Trevanion also hosts a ghost called George!



The interview started with a bang… or should we say a splash… not George the ghost, but Francesca throwing her tea across the living room. The reason for this? The mention of young men in the forces might have got her a little flustered! Gerry talks fondly of his time as a Sergeant major. Working in the cavalry regiment, he has some interesting tales to tell – stories of men scaling the walls of a building for fun, or riding horses up the staircase!

Gerry in the army rugby team

After the initial excitement (and a quick clean up!) we sat and listened as Gerry talks of some of the small changes he has made to his business to become greener. Gerry talks about these changes in a genuine and practical way. It is lovely to hear how these simple steps have made a difference and see how positive they have been for both him and the other staff.

We really enjoyed our visit to Trevanion, in fact we wouldn’t mind a holiday here ourselves!

Thank you Gerry.