A smile on a stick! Our dabble with solar power…

We met Bab’s on a calm sunny day in the wilds of West Penwith in Cornwall. Bab’s smile could be spotted from the end of the street- signaling that we had arrived (without getting lost for a change!).

A solar powered radio was playing from the rooftop. Apparently this worked beautifully in Senegal… it wasn’t fairing so well in Cornwall however, cutting out every now and then, even on this sunny day!



Like a lot of people we were thoroughly confused by solar power. My Dad had told me that you’d need to have solar power for 10 years to make it financially worth it. So it was good to learn about solar power from someone in the know and dispel some confusions. Here is Bab’s story-

Bab’s knew about solar power like my nephew knows about superman- very well and with enthusiasm! It was good to understand how solar works and learn about who can have it (not every roof is suitable).

For Bab’s installing solar power is not just about climate change (he laughs, “you cant save the world by just doing solar!”) it’s a rewarding way of “doing his bit”. This is a view that a lot of people we have spoken to this year share… no matter how big or small… they’re just doing what they can. It strikes us that this is a much nicer way to think about climate change than feeling guilty about the things we’re not doing!

Thank you Babs!


Want to write a rap…. about climate change?

Climate change is such a confusing and big subject that if we do talk about it it’s usually doom and gloom- icebergs melting, polar bears dying and negative messages. So we set out to question what climate change mean to us in the UK through capturing people’s stories.

As we’d already decided, climate change needs it’s image lifting! So we met with Jason, a rapper in Wales who goes by the name of Dregz.

So what’s your story? It’s a hard question. Jason’s thoughts on climate change were similar to a lot of people- we’re not used to thinking about climate change in relation to our everyday lives.

After chatting it through, Jason decided that his story of climate change was about his children and their future. For his it was a justice issue. So here’s his rap ‘Views from a Family Man’

Thank you Dregz.

Meeting Freddie the orangutan… in a nursery in Cornwall

We met Gill and Freddie quite early on in our journey collecting digital stories that think about climate change in the UK.

Gill had a warm Cheshire accent and talked fondly of her impressive 40 years in childcare. Gill had set up Gooseberry Day bush nursery 20 years ago and it’s clear that it’s a well-loved and well-used nursery.


We were told about Gill and her nursery by the Green Foundation team at the Eden Project. When they explained what Gill had been doing with the nursery children we had to hear more!

So we sat wide-eyed, very much like the children in the nursery would do, and listened to the story of Freddie the orangutan. Freddie’s story had humor, love, danger and sadness… here it is-

We have to admit that palm oil isn’t something we’d really thought about before. After coming home and looking at all of our packaging we feel slightly hopeless- it’s in so many things!

Often labeled as vegetable oil, the ingredient that’s causing Freddie’s home to be chopped down is in all our favorite things. Biscuits are top of the list- we are both notorious biscuit fiends!

So we both vowed to cut down on the amount of things we ate with palm oil in. Quite honestly it’s not been easy and there are been times where we’ve forgotten altogether. When you’re in a rush to buy lunch or on a tight budget, sadly little Freddie doesn’t factor into your buying habits.

Really this is like a lot of things to do with climate change. They are hard to relate to your everyday life and difficult to keep at the front of your mind. Still, if everyone cut down the amount of things they ate with palm oil in, when they could, it would make a difference. The more people we speak to the more we believe that- every little helps.

Thank you Gill!


Heather’s Story- our time on the farm

When we set out to collect peoples stories thinking about climate change, we always knew we wanted to speak to people who were out in the elements in their day to day job. So who better than a farmer?

Meet Heather, a livestock farmer in Cornwall. Heather’s kept a daily diary, complete with weather report, since she was 21- very impressive! Over the last two decades she’s noticed some changes and wonders what might happen in the future. So here’s Heather’s story-

We visited Heather a few times in August last year. Strictly speaking, we visited a few more times than necessary, but we just couldn’t pass her farm without popping in. Especially as within seconds of walking into the kitchen, the hot water was on the Aga for the tea, and the tupperware box of goodies was produced from the pantry. On our first visit, Francesca got to sample her first saffron bun – it didn’t disappoint!

Heather’s kitchen is a typical farmers kitchen; paperwork piled up in the corner, numerous mugs across the table, dogs rushing around your feet, and a selection of very comfy mismatched chairs.

After sharing her story, Heathers took us off across the fields in her camouflage buggy looking for a new born calf, very exciting! As we drove around the fields lots of inquisitive faces peered into the buggy looking for food. In this situation you realize just how big beef can get!

Heather talks fondly of her herd – as if they are her friends and we sit back to enjoy the ride.
We had a lovely time getting to know Heather. An endless supply of tea and cake, and some lovely old photographs.

Off to school

Looking at this one Heather hasn’t changed much, especially when she blushes as we flick through.

Thank you Heather!

‘Conscious Vibes’ and a tour around Peckham

Since this rap has been going around our heads for the past week we thought we’d feature it on here for others to enjoy!

So, introducing ‘Conscious Vibes,’ a word artist from Peckham.

‘Conscious Vibes’ lived up to his name! Walking around Peckham Conscious taught us a thing or two about being more observant of our surroundings! By the end of our visit we had countless photographs of coloured brick walls and planes flying over Peckham!

Brick walls and planes!

Conscious was good fun to work with and knows how to work the camera!

Strike a pose!

It was great to have a tour of Peckham from someone who knows it like the back of his hand. As we walked around Peckham we learnt more and more about Conscious – he shared his memories of places around Peckham, and turned out to be quite the acrobat!


To hear more from Conscious tune into Revolution on Reprezent 107.3FM every Monday evening.

Conscious outside Reprezent