Want to write a rap…. about climate change?

Climate change is such a confusing and big subject that if we do talk about it it’s usually doom and gloom- icebergs melting, polar bears dying and negative messages. So we set out to question what climate change mean to us in the UK through capturing people’s stories.

As we’d already decided, climate change needs it’s image lifting! So we met with Jason, a rapper in Wales who goes by the name of Dregz.

So what’s your story? It’s a hard question. Jason’s thoughts on climate change were similar to a lot of people- we’re not used to thinking about climate change in relation to our everyday lives.

After chatting it through, Jason decided that his story of climate change was about his children and their future. For his it was a justice issue. So here’s his rap ‘Views from a Family Man’

Thank you Dregz.


‘Conscious Vibes’ and a tour around Peckham

Since this rap has been going around our heads for the past week we thought we’d feature it on here for others to enjoy!

So, introducing ‘Conscious Vibes,’ a word artist from Peckham.

‘Conscious Vibes’ lived up to his name! Walking around Peckham Conscious taught us a thing or two about being more observant of our surroundings! By the end of our visit we had countless photographs of coloured brick walls and planes flying over Peckham!

Brick walls and planes!

Conscious was good fun to work with and knows how to work the camera!

Strike a pose!

It was great to have a tour of Peckham from someone who knows it like the back of his hand. As we walked around Peckham we learnt more and more about Conscious – he shared his memories of places around Peckham, and turned out to be quite the acrobat!


To hear more from Conscious tune into Revolution on Reprezent 107.3FM every Monday evening.

Conscious outside Reprezent