A radio show with Reprezent 107.3FM on…

…climate change!? Perhaps not the first topic that springs to mind when creating a feature radio show for young people in London! Working with La, Lois, Tarek and Conscious Vibes we bravely tackled this subject head on- so what does climate change mean to us?

Firstly we ventured out onto Deptford high street. Armed with whiteboards and a recorder we asked people to draw the first thing that popped into their head when we said ‘climate change’.

Tidal waves, melting ice caps and a lot of doom and gloom… for most people it seems climate change is not a very ‘nice’ subject! It’s also very hard to think about in relation to our everyday lives and there’s a general feeling of “well what can I do as an individual?”

So we decided to speak to some people who were doing something in their local community- a bit of grassroots action. The people we spoke to weren’t scientists or council members, they weren’t ‘greenies’ or activists, they were simply people who were quietly getting on with doing something positive for their community…

We chatted to Ceri from invisible food:

Owen from Sprouting56:

And Hanna from the Green Jobs alliance:

Listening to Ceri, Owen and Hanna, we started to think differently about what an individual can do. Ninja guerilla gardening, invisible food and getting a green job…  not only are these people considering climate change, they are also having a lot of fun in the process!

We all agreed that climate change needs it’s image lifting! The things that these people are doing are positive and worthwhile. It seems climate change doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom and it doesn’t have to be tackled from the top down. We are all for a bit of grassroots action and go away vowing to speak to our neighbors and get more involved within our local communities.


Thanks La, Lois, Tarek and Conscious Vibes for making this show happen. Thanks to Owen, Ceri and Hanna for your lovely stories.