Spending time with the surfers

In our journey collecting different peoples stories of climate change in the UK we met a lot of lovely people and learnt a lot of new things.

What better reason to hit the beaches of Cornwall than to make a digital story with 2 local surfers?! Duncan and Matt were charming and fun. Surfing is a shared passion for them and we can see why!

We met Duncan & Matt on the North coast of Cornwall at a beautiful beach called Godrevy. The car park had a scattering of other surfers, in various states of undress, either heading into or out of the surf.


It was clear that the boys (or perhaps we should say men?!) are good friends. There were lots of inside jokes and both were pretty apt in finishing off each other’s sentences.

Duncan with his first board 18 years ago!

Looking at the 2 of them you wouldn’t think that they had been surfing 18 years! Perhaps surfing keeps you looking young?


It was really interesting to hear their thoughts on climate change and how this may affect them in the future. Thank you Duncan & Matt.